18. April 2024
Visit to the Recycling Center Himberg
PORR offered the opportunity to experience the processing of construction waste at first hand. For this purpose, an invitation was extended to the Himberg Recycling Center.

Group picture in front of a crusher

On April 18, the Rebuilt team from the TU as well as colleagues and students from Zagreb University had the opportunity to visit the PORR recycling center in Himberg. The plant, which specializes in the processing of mineral construction waste such as concrete and brick demolition waste, is one of the largest in Austria and Europe. During the excursion, the participants had the rare opportunity to take a close look at the plant’s state-of-the-art machinery.

During the tour, the various steps of the recycling process were explained in detail. The experts from the recycling center showed how high-quality recycled building materials can be produced from construction waste. These secondary raw materials already play an important role in the sustainable construction industry, as they conserve resources and reduce the amount of waste produced.

The excursion left the visitors with a lasting impression of the advanced technologies and environmentally friendly practices at the Himberg recycling center.