12. June 2024
Visit from Prof. Stojan Kravanja and Assistant Prof. Gregor Kravanja
Professors Kravanja visited the TU Science Center, engaging in an inspiring exchange of ideas focused on sustainable building materials and circular construction. The visit was highlighted by presentations from Professor Merta and Assistant Professor Kravanja.

Group Picture of Prof. Mertas Group and the Professors Kravanja

On June 12th, Professor Stojan Kravanja and his colleague, Assistant Professor Gregor Kravanja, from the faculty of civil engineering from the University of Maribor visited the TU Science Center for an insightful exchange of ideas and research. The visit commenced with a presentation by Professor Merta, who showcased her team’s ongoing work, including the ReBuilt project. The project focuses on advancements in the use of sustainable building materials and circular construction, aiming to close material loops.

Following Professor Merta’s presentation, Assistant Professor Kravanja took the stage to discuss his recent work and upcoming research endeavors. His presentation delved into the field of materials science and carbonation, highlighting his commitment to developing new environmentally friendly ways to produce building materials. His research promises to contribute significantly to the field, leading to new applications in sustainable construction.

The visit also included a comprehensive tour of the science center’s laboratories, where Professor Merta’s team conducts their research. This provided an opportunity for the visitors to witness the facilities and possibilities of the team.

Throughout the day there were productive discussions about future collaborations and endeavors in the realm of sustainable building materials. Both parties expressed a keen interest in working together to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of sustainable building materials.

Impressions of the visit

Assistant Prof. Kravanja holding a presentation
from left to right: Assistant Prof. Gregor Kravanja, Prof. Ildiko Merta and Prof. Stojan Kravanja