31. January 2024
Open House 2024
On January 31, 2024, the Open House of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at TU Wien took place.

students watching a presentation

Students from the 7th and 8th grades of general secondary schools and the 4th and 5th grades of vocational schools were given the opportunity to learn about the Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering degree programs. During guided tours, the students were given the opportunity to get to know the faculty’s laboratories and gain an insight into practical research.

Prof. Merta’s research group showed the students their current projects. This of course included the ReBuilt project. The concept of circular construction, which aims to achieve sustainability and conserve resources, was therefore discussed. The topic was explained in detail in order to explain the importance and future potential of secondary raw materials in the construction industry. Some of those materials, in particular recycled aggregates, were showcased. The open day thus offered the students a comprehensive introduction to forward-thinking topics and current research in the field of civil and environmental engineering.