18. December 2023
Importance of Education in Implementing Circular and Digital Practices

Illustration of skyline with a green overlay
Green Buiding

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent online workshop held in collaboration with the Climate Lab on December 11th, where relevant stakeholders came together to explore innovative solutions and foster meaningful discussions. Within focus groups, we delved into pertinent inquiries across three key categories: (1) Status Quo, (2) Barriers, and (3) Potentials, specifically examining the incorporation of circular and digital construction in educational programs.

Identified barriers encompass legislative and economic constraints on circular materials, the need for knowledge transfer and collaboration in circular economy practices, and educational challenges such as a lack of interdisciplinary knowledge among teachers and outdated lecture content. Relevant stakeholders face acceptance and experience gaps in adopting circular and bio-based construction materials.

Recognized potentials involve the implementation of circular economy principles across all training and education programs to enhance knowledge and foster acceptance of circular and digital practices.