18. April 2024
Dissemination of ReBuilt to students from University of Zagreb
On the 18th of April colleagues and students from the University of Zagreb visited TU Wien in order to enhance cooperation between our projects, ReBuilt and GREENCO.

Group picture of students and researchers

We were thrilled to welcome colleagues and students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering – Department of Materials at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, to our Institute. This visit marks a significant step in fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange between our institutions. During their visit, we engaged in productive discussions aimed at strengthening future cooperation. Central to these discussions were the mutual synergies between our ongoing projects: ReBuilt (TU Wien) and GREENCO (University of Zagreb).

This visit not only strengthened the bond between our institutions but also paved the way for a more collaborative and innovative future in sustainable construction. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.