22. April 2024
Dissemination of ReBuilt to international students in Brno at the Blended Intensive Program
Prof. Merta presented exciting insights into the topic of “Recycled Aggregate Concrete” and the Rebuilt project at Brno University of Technology on April 22. The lecture was part of the “Blended Intensive Program (BIP) - Material and Structural Integrity Aspects”.

Prof. Merta presents the rebuilt project in front of students

On April 22, Prof. Merta gave a lecture on the topic of “Recycled Aggregate Concrete”. As part of this presentation, the Up!crete project was also introduced. The lecture took place as part of the program of the event “Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) – Material and Structural Integrity Aspects” at the Institute of Structural Mechanics of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology.

PhD and Master students from seven different universities participated in this lecture.

The universities represented were:

  • Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)
  • Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • University of Malaga (Spain)
  • University of Sevilla (Spain)
  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland)
  • University of Žilina (Slovakia)
  • Wrocław University of Science and Technology (Poland)

This international event enabled the students to gain valuable insights into the latest developments in the field of recycled aggregate concrete and material and structural safety. It also provided a platform for exchanging information on progress and challenges in the area of circular construction.